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How to Spot and Avoid the Most Common Issues That Cause Water Leaks

Many water leaks can be avoided altogether, or the water damage can be minimized as long as you know what to watch for. Most water leaks can be traced back to a handful of causes.

If any of these situations below apply to you, you may want to do some proactive maintenance, like professional water leak detection, or at the very least keep a close eye on your plumbing.

If you don’t, you may be looking at water leak repair after the fact. Here are the most common issues that cause water leaks.

High Water Pressure

Water PressureWhile it may seem great to have strong water pressure when you are in the shower, that high powered spray can do some serious damage to your pipes.

The force of the water can damage your pipes and cause leaks to occur. In order to avoid this particular problem, ensure that your water pressure is in the 45-60 psi range.

Corrosion in Your Pipes

corrosionrustAnother major threat to your pipes and water leaks is corrosion. The risk of this happening is even higher if your water is highly concentrated with salt and other minerals.

Over time, residue from minerals will gather and cause rust. You can keep this from happening by upgrading any copper pipes that you have to PVC, which is more durable.

Also be sure to run the water often, so that you can flush out any residue that might be lingering in your pipes.

Pipes are old

Older PipesHomes and their components don’t last forever, which is why as a Sydney, NSW homeowner, you often find yourself having to deal with repair, and replacing things.

For example, eventually, you’ll need a new roof, heating and/or cooling system and plumbing. When your pipes reach a certain age, they inevitably get weak and then leaks happen.

Pay special attention to pipe joists, which can break down earlier. If you have an older home, order professional leak detection to assess the leak risk of your current plumbing.

Water Quality

Water QualityYou probably know that drinking water of poor quality is bad for your health, but did you know that low water quality is also bad for your plumbing? The same toxins and impurities that threaten your health can linger in your pipes and create soft spots within the plumbing.

This is how leaks happen. To avoid this, install a water filtration system to remove the undesirable particles from your water.

Simply by taking some time and learning about some of the potential issues around water leaks and your plumbing can save you from serious water damage.