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How Plumbing Superheroes Come To Your Defense When Battling Unclean Water in the Home

Water quality has become an issue everywhere in the world including in Sydney NSW, where plumbing superheroes come to the defense of citizens who find themselves dealing with all kinds of water purity issues. Clean water is especially an issue in large urban centers where there is greater industrial pollution.

Drugs that humans use are also flushed down toilets and into rivers and the ocean. Overcrowding in urban areas leads to an overload of sewage and tropical storms cause storm surges and other issues that can lead to states of unsafe water.

How Unclean Water Affects Your Health

Stomach Pain SickDirty water is a huge concern these days because it harbors all kinds of threats to public health. There are many ways that you get very sick from drinking or bathing in polluted water.

Pathogens such as botulism and E.coli are found in dirty water, as are dangerous protozoa that can cause intestinal diseases and flesh-eating disease.

The bacterium that causes dysentery, typhoid and cholera is also spread through contaminated water. Contact with insufficiently treated water can cause yeast overgrowth, Athlete’s Foot and skin infections.

Respiratory infections and asthma are also common in people who inhale the mold spores that grow in areas that have been soaked by dirty floodwaters or ground soil contaminated with sewage from a leaky septic tank.

How Plumbers Rescue You from Waterborne Illnesses

Drinking Safe WaterPlumbers help prevent waterborne illnesses by installing large carbon filters, turbidity mechanisms, reverse osmosis systems and sediment treatment valves.  These are things that help keep your water free from particles.

They will also install ultraviolet light sterilizers at the point of water entry into your home to help get rid of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Plumbers also practice regular maintenance to make sure sewage from septic tanks or sewage is not contaminating your water.

A good plumber also unclogs drains and operates a sump pump and dehumidifier to help dry out wet homes. This helps prevent any mold growth in the future.

How the Conservation of Water Is Key to A Superhero Plumber’s Success

Water ConservationPracticing water conservation helps out your plumber because you will be calling him less to fix big problems in emergencies.

Outfitting your home low-flow faucets, toilets and appliances, not only conserves water but also it helps you take control of the situation if you have a flood.

This is because many modern fixtures and appliances have shut-off valves that immediately help stop the flow of water to the point at which your place is flooding.

By the time your plumber arrives to help you out, you will have the situation mostly under control.  The plumber can put all of his focus on finding solutions for the breach or situation that caused the flooding in the first place.