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Renovation Tips for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

During renovations to a kitchen or bathroom, homeowners tend to focus on achieving the room of their dreams, without considering the functionality of the space. Many people don’t realize that there is much more to renovating a bathroom or kitchen than a change in its appearance. There are many considerations surrounding a major renovation, especially if it’s your first experience doing so as a homeowner. Usually, rooms like a kitchen or bathroom are often enjoyed, whether to entertain guests, cook your nightly dinner, or perhaps to enjoy a bubble bath after a long, hard day. Get the most out of your home with renovations that speak for themselves. The following tips will help make any renovation feel like a breeze:

What to Consider when Planning a Remodel

Before beginning any remodeling project, do your research, especially before making any big financial commitments. By having a well-developed plan, you’ll save yourself time, and perhaps even some cash.

Know your plumbing needs. Regardless of whether you’re renovating a kitchen or a bathroom, you should have a good idea of the layout of the existing plumbing system before starting renovations.bathroom Review the blueprints of your home. If they’re accessible to you, ensure that you share these with your plumber. If you can’t access them, have a plumber come in and get his opinion. It’s important to remember, however, that plumbers cannot see through walls. They can only provide you with their advice, based on the parts of your plumbing system that they can see.

Consider the necessary upgrades. If your remodel means that you’ll be installing new plumbing fixtures, such as a garburator or larger bathtub, you must also consider the add-ons necessary for those fixtures. You may require a larger water heater to keep up with the increased demand for your large bathtub, or you might want to invest in a water softener if dealing with hard water is a problem in your area. Stick to the plan. Once you’ve developed a plan surrounding your renovations that you and your contractor agree upon, stick to it. Revising plans during a renovation may not be possible, or can end up costing you a lot of money and time. Reserve 10% of your budget. When you’re budgeting out your renovation plans, try to keep at least 10% reserved for emergencies or unforeseen costs.

Invest in Quality During Renovations

As a homeowner, you’ll want any renovations and added fixtures to last for a long time. Make sure that the fixtures and updates that you invest in are high quality, modern pieces. These plumbing fixtures and updates are usually more efficient and eco-friendly, meaning that the cash that you spend on them will go far. If your kitchen or bathroom reno involves exposing pipes that are usually hidden from sight, get a “check-up” done on your pipes. An expert plumber can identify any weak points in your pipes, and resolve the issue while the problem is still accessible.

Hiring the Right Plumber for the Job

Renovations to your home involve a big investment. Invest your money in a plumbing contractor who you know can deliver you the results you expect. Find a certified and fully trained contractor, as they have access to the right equipment and expertise necessary to complete the job effectively and beautifully. proDo your research online, and check their website for past projects, testimonials, and reviews of their service.

This will give you a good idea as to whether or not they have the expertise to complete the renovation to your standards.