Water Leak Detection

water leak detection kingsgroveWhen you need water leak detection in Kingsgrove, the experts from The Plumbing Wizard are here to help you out. We’ll make sure we find your water leak, then put the best possible repair in place as soon as possible. You may feel worried about your home but you don’t need to be. We’ll get things fixed fast so you don’t have to worry anymore!

Call your plumber in Kingsgrove as soon as you notice any of the following problems. We’ll bring out our equipment for water leak detection in Kingsgrove and find your leak. If you catch it early, we may be able to find it before your home suffers any damage. Look for:

  • Unexplained wet spots on the carpet, floor, ceiling, walls, and more. These can even show up outside, on your lawn or your patio.
  • The sound of water running when you know everything is turned off. You can test this by turning off the main water supply to your home. If you still hear water, it is leaking somewhere.
  • Mold and mildew growth that you can’t get rid of. If you feel like you’re cleaning mold and mildew out of the same places over and over again, there’s a good chance that a water source is feeding it. Find that leak and get rid of the unwanted growth.

Contact us at The Plumbing Wizard whenever you need water leak detection in Kingsgrove. We’ll make sure that we find your leak and get rid of it fast so you won’t have to worry about your home suffering water damage anymore.