Water Leak Detection Service - Newtown

water leak detection newtownDo you think you have a water leak but you’re not sure where it is?

Your local Newtown Plumber will help you, using our water leak detection service, whenever you need it.

Just give us a call and our friendly scheduling staff will connect you with your local Newtown plumber who will solve your leak problem fast.

We’ll get to you when it’s convenient for you, then we’ll assess your leak, let you know where it is and what we can do to fix it.

Did you know that most leaks will let you know they’re there, if you know what you’re looking for? Here are some ways you can know there’s a leak, then you can call us and we’ll find it’s exact location.

  • You have water in unusual spots. Do you have wet floorboards, or water pooling in your yard, or damp spots in your basement? All of these can indicate a leak that needs to be found.
  • You have dried water spots. Some leaks are not constant. If you see dried water spots in areas where you don’t remember having water, chances are you need water leak detection.
  • You hear water running when there’s no water turned on. When the water is off, you shouldn’t hear it. If you do, call us and we’ll find out where it’s going.

Whenever you need water leak detection in Newtown, call us at The Plumbing Wizard. We’ll be there for you and help you get everything back just the way you need it, so you can keep living and thriving in your home.