Water Leak Detection Service - Surry Hills

leak detection surry hillsDo you think you might have a leak in your pipes?

At The Plumbing Wizard, we are experts in water leak detection in Surry Hills. In fact, we promise that we will find your leak and repair it, no matter how difficult the job is. We offer comprehensive plumbing services, so there’s no job too big or too small for us to take on.

Most leaks are pretty easy to find. They tend to occur where pipes join, like under sinks or around tubs, showers, and toilets. You can generally see the water leaking or see it’s direct evidence, like pools, puddles, or drips where there shouldn’t be any. This doesn’t involve sophisticated water leak detection in Surry Hills, but it does require an experienced plumber to get the right fix so the problem doesn’t come back.

Leaks can be harder to find when they are in larger pipes or behind a wall. With these types of leaks, you may not see a puddle, just a wet spot in your wall or ceiling. You may even step in a puddle on your floor! Don’t worry, though! We can still find your leak. Our plumbers are trained in water leak detection, so they know how to find and repair even these hidden leaks.

If your sewer is leaking, we can repair that, too. We will use advanced water leak detection in Surry Hills to examine your sewer line and figure out where the water and sewage is leaking out. Then we will troubleshoot the problem to find the best repair possible.