Water Leak Detection

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Many homeowners in Sydney, NSW often let water leaks go unresolved, but did you know that neglecting to repair and resolve a water leak can cost you thousands of dollars on your water bill?

The steady dripping may not seem like a cause for concern, but over time they can push up your monthly water bills and wind up costing you more than the cost of repairs.

That’s why your Inner West Plumber offers fast and efficient water leak detection services designed to locate the source of your leak and deliver quick leak repair results.

water leak detection services

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How Are Water Leaks Caused?

Water leaks are often hidden inside your plumbing system, and are only made noticeable by a rising monthly water bill. Some of the culprits behind common water leaks include:

  • Old plumbing lines which have caused your pipes to corrode over time.
  • Poorly installed pipes (may be common in newer homes and buildings).
  • Tree roots have infiltrated your pipes.
  • Blockages which have not been resolved and have cause pressure to build in the pipe.

How Can You Detect a Water Leak?

Because water leaks are often hard to detect at first, it’s important to keep an eye on your bills and call as soon as you notice that something appears to be awry. We also suggest keeping an eye out for bubbles in your walls and ceiling paint, and water stains on your ceiling, especially if you have a drop-ceiling on a lower level.

Our technicians will be able to help you identify the cause of your leak and resolve it as soon as possible.

How do I find out where my water leak is coming from?

You may be able to locate the relative source of your water leak by watching out for drippy faucets, standing puddles, water stains and other indicators of a leak. However, the most efficient and effective way to discover where your leak is coming from is to utilise professional leak detection services in Sydney.

If you’re not sure where a leak is coming from, get in touch with Sydney’s Plumbing Wizard today.

How much do leak detection services cost?

When it comes to leak detection in Sydney, rates can vary drastically depending on the plumbing service you use. You can generally expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for Sydney water leak detection and resolution, though factors such as the difficulty, time and size of the job can increase the cost.

You can often find more affordable services with The Plumbing Wizard team, which offers competitive pricing, discounts and coupons for their water leak services.

Is leak detection covered by my insurance?

While many insurance providers will cover water leak detection and even repairs caused by a leak, every insurance policy is different. So be sure to talk to your provider for the most accurate information.

How do plumbers detect water leaks?

Your plumbers’ first step will be to do a walkthrough of the property to check for any noticeable signs of water leaks, which can help identify their origin.

Sydney water plumbers will then utilise a variety of tools to accurately locate any water leaks in your home or commercial business. The most commonly used equipment includes ground microphones, listening disks, video inspection tools and cameras.

Can plumbers detect underground water leaks?

Yes, professional plumbers can help with underground water leak detection in Sydney. They will first rule out any possibility of an above-ground leak and then use specialised sound equipment to help locate the leak.

How do I resolve a water leak?

For many Sydney residents, a water leak isn’t an emergency…until it is. By the time a water leak has become a serious annoyance or danger, it will usually require some serious fixing. Prevention is always the best route! Be sure to schedule routine maintenance and check-up to ensure your water system is functioning properly.

Even in the best of circumstances, leaks can still happen. In some cases, it may be easy to locate and resolve your own water leak. Often, though, it is more prudent to utilise professional water leak services to ensure that the problem is taken care of before it becomes a costly and dangerous disaster.

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Here in Sydney, water leaks can be a serious issue. If you notice something wrong in your home, be sure to contact the Sydney water emergency line or reach out to your friendly neighbourhood plumber for 24-hour emergency assistance.

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