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Want to Save More Money in 2018? Try These Amazing Tips to Save On Your Water Bill

Sydney’s one of the best cities to live in in this part of the world, but all the comforts and convenience we enjoy here aren’t free.

Every time you turn that tap, or do your laundry, that’s water you’ll eventually pay for at the end of the month. But we’ve got some tips to help you keep that water consumption under control.

Try a Car Wash

Car WashA normal car wash will obviously cost you money, but save time. However, if you live near a self-serve car wash, you can save money and a little bit of time as well.

When you wash a car at home, you’re using up liters of water, and letting that chemically infused water go straight into the sewers.

With DIY car washing centres, you pay much less than an automated service, and the water that’s used is recycled instead of going straight into a drain. That means you save on water, as well as help keep our environment cleaner.

Get Rid Of Leaks

Water LeakA leak in your plumbing can, depending on the location, damage your home, but it also costs you money every single month.

That’s water you’re paying for that you didn’t even get to use because it dripped out somewhere in your home. Confirm the presence of a leak by checking your water meter. Newer meters will actually have a leak indicator.

Older meters can still confirm the presence of leaks by taking a reading, then not using the water for a few minutes, or even a couple of hours. If the meter has still gone up, you’re leaking water somewhere that your meter is counting as water in use. Locate the leak and get it fixed!

Bathe Less, Shower More

ShowerEveryone loves to relax with a good bath, but don’t do this too regularly. A typical bath uses up about 75-190 liters based on the size of the tub.

Compare that with the average of nine liters per minute that’s used with a modern shower, and you can see the savings already.

You can only get these kinds of savings with modern shower fixtures. If your showerhead was installed before 1992, it has what’s referred to as unrestricted water flow.

New designs save water without compromising pressure, so make sure to get this upgrade if you don’t have it already, and start saving on your showers.

If You Have A Garden Use Grey Water

Water Plants“Grey water,” is term for gently used water, such as that which has already been in use for cooking or cleaning. It simply means that the water may no longer be safe for human drinking, which also applies to the rain barrel concept, for people that install one on their property.

Maintaining a garden and/or lawn can be a huge drain on your water resources, but plants aren’t finicky, and grey water will serve just as nicely as water from your pipes. Save on your water bill by using grey water instead and you’ll see a big drop in your water consumption, especially during the hotter months when plants need more hydration.

Living in Sydney, NSW means having a life full of convenience and opportunity for many homeowners. Be smart about your water consumption! Follow our tips, and make your money go further with more efficient water usage.