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Water-Saving Summertime Fun Tips You Can Use

Australia is still many months away from the summer that everyone else is having in the northern hemisphere right now.

But that doesn’t mean that you can start thinking about ways that you can make the most of the season, especially with a region that can be as arid as Australia from time to time.

This season means a lot of different things in Oz, but one thing that is guaranteed is that there will be hot temperatures, long days and, a real drain on your water supply/ money.

Because of this, we have a few tips to help you out, and still let you enjoy your water-based fun in the summer.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your yard, you’re already got a ready source of water entertainment whenever you need.

But once your pool is filled, that doesn’t mean that your water expenditure is over. There are still some costs associated with pool ownership and usage.

By covering your swimming pool when it’s not in use, you can save on replenishing water. You’ll have much less water evaporation occurring in your pool during the downtime with this kind of protection.

You’ll save on maintenance cost and effort. Leaves can’t get into the water, and filters and chemicals have less work to do since contaminants like bird droppings can no longer dissolve into the pool.

Get A Rain Barrel For Your Property

Rainfall can sometimes be scarce during certain parts of the year. While the winter season often brings a lot of rain to Sydney.

This makes it a little more sensible to get a rain barrel installed somewhere on the grounds of your home. If it’s near a gutter, you can collect even more water.

This becomes especially useful during the summer when things get even hotter, and any vegetation you have in your yard, like flowers, grass or trees, will be in full bloom and needing a lot of hydration.

A rain barrel can have a big impact in helping to offset just how much water your home will have to expend to keep plants green and healthy. And if you’re planning to let the children enjoy some time running through the sprinkler, the water saved in the barrel can go towards family fun.

Let The Children Have Fun When It’s Watering Time

A very simple way to save water and still have fun is to economize. When it’s summer, and Sydney is in the middle of a heat wave, now may be the time to let the children—and the yard—cool off.

Break out the hose and the sprinkler. Under normal circumstances, about 20 minutes of water in a yard should be sufficient to keep grass and other plants hydrated.

Of course, if your children want to enjoy themselves a bit more, it’s your discretion, but timing the water for both your property and your children is an efficient use of both water and fun.